Dos and Don't of Furniture

Posted by Furniture Guru on 7th Sep 2020

Dos and Don't of Furniture

The classic Dos and Don'ts list are quick reads and easy to put together. Readers like them for their straight-forward information: do this, don't do that. For shoppers with little experience buying furniture, a Dos and Don'ts list can be a great starting point.

One way to do this piece is to frame it through how you imagine customers should shop for furniture. You might start with "Do take measurements of your space" and "Don't forget to measure the doors into the room(s) you're buying furniture for." Move the article through the sales process, offering easy tips such as "Do test sit on every couch/chair before buying" and "Don't be afraid to ask questions."

For Millennial customers especially, this will be their first time shopping in a store for furniture. Give them information you wish every customer had before they entered your store, and you may have more productive customer experiences.