Furniture Care

Posted by Furniture Guru on 7th Sep 2020

Furniture Care

Even with proper upkeep, fast furniture isn't meant to last for more than a few years, and Millennials aren't used to taking good care of their IKEA and Target furniture. But we know that regular cleanings and good care can keep furniture in the best condition for years to come, so it's time to educate Millennials on how to take care of furniture.

Choose a piece of furniture for each post and give a few recommendations for how to take care of it. Discuss how good care means a longer lifespan for your furniture and how a little bit of care can go a long way. Then recommend some of your favorite cleaning and care products to readers and give your best tips for using them.

After you've written all this great content, make sure you use it. Post your blogs to your social media channels often to encourage readership among your followers, and blast your blog posts in emails to customers. When you make a sale, mention your care tips on your website, and be sure to give buyers a card with your web address on it so they know where to find your content. When customers call with questions, refer them to your blog and tell them a little bit about how your content can help. If you offer personal appointments, send an email before the appointment with links to your blog to help customers start thinking about how to buy furniture.