Style and Furniture

Posted by Furniture Guru on 7th Sep 2020

Style and Furniture

We all want to be trendy, but trends go in and out of style every few years. Replacing a shirt is one thing; replacing an expensive couch is another. While everyone should buy furniture that makes them happy, it's worth asking young buyers to think of their purchases as how they'll look in 10 years. Will they still love the color? Will they like the shape of the piece?

Offer simple advice on trends: buy neutral large furniture and trendy decor. Decor is less expensive and easy to replace. If the tables and sofas are neutral colors and shapes, the decor can make the style statement of the room.

You can also talk about reupholstering furniture as a way to keep pieces longer. Many buyers, not just Millennials, feel a little reluctant to invest in nicer furniture because they have or plan to have pets and children, who will probably inflict some damage on their expensive furniture. Good fabric is made to stand up against kids, but reupholstering is always an option as well, even if fewer people talk about it.