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Product Overview

Gel memory foam mattress have gel memory foam to support ,gel memory foam is still memory foam, which means that it has that signature plush feel. Just like traditional memory foam, gel foam resists motion transfer. If your partner tosses and turns during the night, then you'll still be able to sleep soundly without being disturbed. Gel memory foam is just as comfortable and reliable as regular memory foam.

Better Air Circulation

What really makes gel memory foam different from regular memory foam is how it's made. During the foam-making process, the memory foam is infused with gel particles or beads. The addition of the gel gives gel memory foam products better airflow, meaning heat can be more effectively drawn away from the body. This produces a cooler sleeping surface, which is one of the most valuable benefits of gel memory foam bedding.

Balanced Support

If you're looking for a firm yet comfortable sleep surface, then gel memory is a perfect choice. It molds to your body to provide custom support where you need it most, and it keeps you from sinking too far into your mattress, mattress topper, or pillow.



  • Premium Knitted Fabric
  • Multi-Layer Foam Structure 
  • Two Layers of Threathable Inner Non Wovem Foam
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • Breathable Wave Foam
  • High Density Firm Foam
  • Anti Slip Base
  • Thickness 26cm 

Specification :

Size : Queen 

Dimensions: 153 cm*203*26cm 

Firmness: Medium Firm 

Vacuum Packaging : Item will expand to its normal shape within one day after unpacking 

Warranty Information

10 years